Berkoa committed to the circular economy, we completed several retrofitting projects.

In an era where sustainability has become an imperative need for the manufacturing industry, at Berkoa Machine Tools, known for our prowess in the design and manufacture of specialised machinery, we continue to expand our focus towards machine retrofitting. This strategy not only improves the performance and extends the life of existing machines, but also promotes sustainability within the industrial sector.

We have established our reputation through a number of outstanding projects that reflect our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Currently, we are carrying out retrofittings on a variety of grinding machines, including models from well-known brands such as TACCHELLA, DANOBAT TOYODA, SCHAUDT, and ESTARTA. These projects have not only revitalised machines for production lines at leading companies such as GKN Group, DANA Group and IZAR CUTTING TOOLS, but have also served sectors such as the automotive and capital goods industries.

One of the most important aspects of these projects is how we have managed to integrate specific customer needs with sustainable solutions. For example, in the petrochemical sector, we have retrofitted a TREVISAN Drilling Cell, now operational in one of ULMA Group’s plants. This type of project not only extends the useful life of the machines, but also optimises their efficiency and performance, thereby reducing resource consumption and waste generation. In addition, we are performing significant upgrades on tool grinding machines from brands such as HAUX and DORMER, extending the functionality of these machines and ensuring that they continue to operate at their full potential for many years to come.

The retrofitting process begins with a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs and the current condition of the machinery. Once this has been assessed, our engineers design bespoke solutions that not only address production needs, but also incorporate improvements in energy efficiency and emissions reduction. This is made possible by our sustainable design approach, ensuring that each machine not only meets performance requirements, but also contributes to environmental objectives.

Customer service and technical support are also key components of our offering. We provide an extensive range of services including application engineering, technology upgrades, regular maintenance, repairs and training. These services ensure that every machine retrofitted by us continues to operate optimally.

In addition to our retrofitting efforts, we continue with our main line of business, the design and manufacture of new specialised machine tools. Recently, we have received significant orders from a Canadian company in the agricultural sector for the manufacture of a vertical lathe. We have also signed an agreement with a GKN Group company for the manufacture of two induction hardening machines for the automotive sector.

With the motto ‘You name it, we make it’, at Berkoa Machine Tools we not only adapt to the specific needs of each customer, but we also lead the way towards a more sustainable future. We demonstrate that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, and that circular economy practices can be successfully implemented.