Berkoa delivers 13 IkasMak 5.1 machines awarded by the Basque Government to vocational training centers

Throughout March, the Berkoa Machine Tools cooperative delivered and commissioned the multi-processing machines designed and manufactured for the education sector. The tender for the manufacture of the 13 IkasMak 5.1 machines by the Department of Education through the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training was aimed at equipping the Integrated Vocational Training Centres of the Basque Country.

The uniqueness of IkasMak 5.1 is that it is a machine that brings together the characteristics of various machines that can be found in an advanced manufacturing educational environment in a single machine. Specifically, IkasMak 5.1 works in conventional format like a manual lathe or milling machine, and in automatic format like a CNC lathe or milling machine. These features also make it a multi-process mill-turn machine. With the right training modules, the machine can be used to accelerate trainee training and teach everything from basic machining processes to more complex CNC-controlled processes.

This machine is a real example of smart industry, Industry 4.0, as it is digitised, i.e., thanks to embedded sensors that are placed in the machine itself, we get relevant information in real time that is collected and stored in the cloud, allowing access to it to cover certain information for maintenance, possible problems, etc.

In addition, the machine has another singularity, virtual reality, through gamification, “learning by doing”. For this, 3D glasses are used that allow students to carry out learning simulations in a real environment. This increases the efficiency of the students, as the user is confronted with complex technical procedures and risky situations, which would otherwise end up being carried out by trial and error.

After the delivery of the machines, two courses were given to the teachers of the vocational training schools that received the machines. With these courses held at the Berkoa Machine Tools facilities, the project has come to an end. The teachers belonged to the following schools: Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa, CIFP Aretxabaleta, Izarraitz Lanbide Heziketa, CIFP Bidasoa, Easo Politeknikoa, Iurreta Lanbide Heziketa, Bidebieta Formación Profesional, Elorrieta Erreka Mari and Laudioaldea Lanbide Eskola. The training was carried out in three parts. On the one hand, the Berkoa team explained the design, manufacture and operation. Fagor Automation staff were able to explain the digitalisation options available to them and, to conclude, Innovae accompanied the teachers in the simulation with the virtual reality goggles.