Berkoa enters in the classrooms and in the Rotary Friction Welding

The Gipuzkoan company, which receives a visit from the lehendakari, presents its “SoldAvanza” machine and delivers the first multi-process machines for professional training centers.

Berkoa Machine Tool presented last July, with the assistance of Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, its new ‘SoldAvanza’ machine, a rotating friction welding test bench, which represents “a great advance in the machine tool sector”. The innovations it incorporates, carried out together with the Lortek technology center, are based on a new process control system (BLSC 4.0), which makes use of embedded sensors, as well as new drives or subsystems that allow multi-process capabilities and multi-material manufacturing.

The project was financed by CDTI with the aim of being able to carry out at Berkoa’s own facilities: trials, tests, approvals, change of other technologies of union to rotating friction, subcontracting and training courses. Currently, Berkoa is manufacturing another welding machine of up to 50 tons for Izar de Amorebieta, for fast steel joining with F-114 for drill bits. As the company has advanced to Empresas XXI, they also plan to present a new technological innovation project to the CDTI in order for the ‘SoldAvanza’ bank to continue evolving, since its objective is to consolidate itself as the main manufacturer of rotary friction welders. This is a technology that is increasingly used in sectors such as automotive, agricultural or railway.

In his speech, Lehendakari Urkullu congratulated Berkoa Machine Tools for “this great advance in the machine tool sector”; In addition, the presentation was attended by Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment; Ane Beitia, mayoress of Elgoibar; José Pérez Berdud, President of AFM Cluster; and Xabier Ortueta, General Director of AFM Cluster, who were received by the president of Berkoa, Iñigo Arriola, and its general director, Andoni García Abad. The latter thanked the Lehendakari for the support that his presence “provides to a small and still young company, but with an ambitious development plan”.

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