Berkoa makes its way into Industry 4.0

The company from Elgoibar has implemented traceability and cyber-security technologies with the Inplantalariak program

The Berkoa cooperative is a young company specialised in the machine tool sector, although its founders have a long experience in manufacturing customised machines to improve quality in industrial processes. Through the Inplantalariak program, developed by Grupo SPRI, they have initiated several digital transformation processes, which include both the optimization of their internal processes and the improvement of cyber security. In addition, through this programme of support and training for micro-SMEs, they are currently opening up to new technologies such as virtual reality, with a view to extending the range of services offered to their customers.

Through the Inplantalariak service, Berkoa has introduced a new system for the stock control of its warehouse parts through the use of RFID guns, thus improving traceability and speeding up customer assistance. “This technology allows us to keep track of all the parts we have in stock and offer an immediate response if a client requires a spare part”, explains Andoni García, Berkoa’s Manager.

In January they started a new consultancy process focused on including virtual reality in their offer to clients.  “It has enabled us to identify the possibilities offered by this technology”, explains Andoni García, “now we are looking at how we could implement it to improve services to our clients, increasing the quality of their production processes and in training their new employees in the use of the machinery”. Thanks to the program, in 2020 they have also received personalized advice on cyber security, from which they have integrated measures to prevent attacks and increase the internal security of their servers.

Berkoa is a cooperative that specialises in manufacturing new customised machines that meet the specific needs of its industrial clients. Its areas of activity also include retrofitting, processes for improving used machines, usually from the client itself, to increase their performance and adapt them to different processes, as well as predictive maintenance services. In the field of digital transformation, they are joining forces to increase the traceability of parts through the use of new technologies and the incorporation of sensorization in their machinery.

As Andoni García, the company’s manager, says, participation in the Inplantalariak programme has allowed them to open up new opportunities to improve their processes and products. “Small companies cannot spend time researching the marketplace, so these plans are important to us because they open our eyes to the methodologies and tools being used by large companies”.

Inplantalariak is a free service that aims to bring digital transformation to Basque micro-SMEs. Through this program, Grupo SPRI offers personalized technological advice that helps microenterprises to identify and implement those solutions that are most suitable for undertaking their digitalization. Inplantalariak was born in 2011 and since then more than 8,000 microenterprises have requested this service, carrying out nearly 7,000 technological implementations.

Source: Spri. See new.