Berkoa manufactures a new rotary friction welding machine cell

Máquina de soldadura de Berkoa

On the third year of BERKOA, S.COOP, and as a follow-up to the rotary friction welding technology, we have manufactured a brand new fully automated cell.

The cell is made up of:

  • Two-station machine, with a thrust of 30 t at each station.
  • Feeding and discharging of parts by means of two robots.
  • Automatic feeding belts for parts, with length and diameter control.
  • Several outlets for welded parts:
    • Correct parts.
    • Faulty parts after welding process.
    • First parts in the batch and parts to be checked and measured.

This is already the third cell delivered in the short history of BERKOA, S.COOP. In all three cases, the machines have been designed for the automotive industry, although the next projects are focusing on other markets.