Berkoa manufactures a special vertical lathe for Bellota Agrisolutions

Piezas realizadas por el torno vertical de berkoa

Next September, Berkoa will supply Bellota Agrisolutions with a TD2-800 vertical lathe with very specific characteristics for machining tillage discs. With this order, the cooperative from Guipúzcoa will extend its range of special machines, without forgetting the manufacture of machine tools, retrofitting and maintenance. Following its principles of flexibility and high technology, Berkoa has designed a machine adapted to customer needs.

Following the transfer of knowledge between the two companies, the result has been the design of a turnkey machine for machining soil tillage or sowing discs of between 250 and 800 mm in diameter. Due to the low thickness of these discs, the drag system of the pieces to be machined is by pressure and friction. For this purpose, the machine has a presser specially designed for this application, consisting of a 320 mm diameter pneumatic cylinder which, by means of high friction sectors both in the head and in the presser itself, manages to drag the discs during the machining process. This clamping device is designed with two unique features: a flexible system that absorbs the misalignments that the head may suffer due to differences in the blank to be machined; and an automatic regulation system of the thrust-clamping pressure, depending on the size of the piece to be machined.

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