Berkoa participated in Unire welding and other joining technologies trade fair

Berkoa Machine Tools participated, together with its technological partner Lortek, in the first welding and other joining technologies fair, Unire, which was held in Irun on 8-9 March.

The Berkoa team took advantage of the occasion to present to all the customers who visited the stand the model of the advanced welding machine, SoldAvanza, manufactured by Berkoa and available for subcontracting, prototypes and tests. This machine, inaugurated by the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullo in July, is a test bench for Rotary Friction Welding in which new systems with advanced technological capabilities for the welding process are developed. The innovations carried out together with Lortek, a technology centre specializing in joining technologies, focus on a new process control system (BLSC 4.0) using embedded sensors, as well as new drives or subsystems that enable multiprocess capabilities and multi-material manufacturing. In addition, our team was able to show several of the rotary friction welding machines manufactured for different customers throughout its seven years of existence: two-post welding, with robots, etc.

After several interesting enquiries received during the fair, the team returned very encouraged to continue with their ambitious development plan.