In Berkoa Machine Tools we celebrate our 5th anniversary embarked on multiple projects

Equipo Humano de Berkoa
We are happy to be able to announce and celebrate our 5th Anniversary even though we are in these strange times. And we can do it thanks to the loyalty and trust of our customers.

This all officially started on February 5, 2016. Although these five years have not been very benevolent at a global level (diesel crisis, COVID, etc.), we can say that we have enjoyed this small path that has been exciting. No wonder we maintain more than ever our initial slogan, “Innovation, Dedication and Enthusiasm”. And with this same enthusiasm we hope to continue our trajectory giving personalized solutions to our clients.

We would like to take advantage of this 5th anniversary to thank for their commitment, contribution and help those people who have been so important and indispensable to start this project and who have been retiring over the last two years. They have given us the example of things well done. In addition, they have provided important knowledge to the new incorporations, a very young team with real talent, achieving their integration and getting them fully involved in this adventure within the machine tool sector.

We are currently involved in several projects with which we hope to continue to make a place for ourselves in the world of special machine tool solutions. Among them it is worth mentioning:

SoldAvanza Project, a test and test bench at the service of the Industry. This is a Rotary Friction Welding machine to develop new advanced manufacturing capabilities. This project, in which the LORTEK Technology Center of Ordizia also participates, has obtained funding from the CDTI (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology).

A machine has been designed with multiple novelties in this technology, with a wide dimensional spectrum and multiple sensorizations. For all this, an advanced control system has been designed, called Berkoa Lortek Software Control 4.0 (BLSC 4.0), a controller capable of governing the 4+2 parameters of the process in those times mentioned above, close to the millisecond.

MultiTek project also related to Rotary Friction Stir Welding technology. In this case, and also in conjunction with LORTEK, progress is being made in the multi-material manufacture of cutting tools. Project subsidized by the Basque Government through a HAZITEK with FEDER funds (European Regional Development Fund).

TD2-800 Special Vertical Lathes for machining parts with clamping difficulties. For this purpose, a clamping system has been designed with which a strong clamping is achieved, even machining with interrupted cutting and with large turning passes.

IKASMAK 5.1 Project, Multiprocess machines especially for Vocational Training Centers. These machines were designed together with the teachers of the IMH of Elgoibar, who are aware of the real needs for the training of the students. After the presentation of the prototype at the BIEMH-2018 Fair, the project has evolved towards more specialized machines; Industry 4.0, data capture and analytics, connected to the cloud, virtual reality, cell 4.0 with collaborative robot, virtual twin, etc.

Berkoa in turn continues to carry out several Retroffiting and Retooling projects of grinding machines, grinders, boring machines, transfer machines, etc.

From Berkoa Machine Tools, our short-term objective is to consolidate the firm in this world of machine tools and continue to maintain the trust and complicity of our customers that allows us to continue with the illusion of this adventure.