Our Manager Andoni Garcia-Abad participated in the “Ekintzaile Eguna” day at the Meka Lanbide Eskola

The aim of the “Ekintzaile Eguna” day was to make students aware of the importance of entrepreneurship. To this end, the students had the opportunity to listen to different speakers: Miriam Montero, Technician of Economic Promotion and Employment of the City Council of Elgoibar, Olatz Oñederra, entrepreneur in Original and #nikbehardut, Mustapha El Hachimi entrepreneur in Eco Car Detailer and Andoni Garcia-Abad, Manager of Berkoa Machine Tools.

Our colleague took the opportunity to explain his career in the working world and how he ended up becoming Manager in our cooperative, “In the first workshop I was in, I was like a cook, I did a little bit of everything,” explained Andoni Garcia-Abad to the students. “Work, work and work, as well as attitude” are the values that the Manager looks for when hiring someone. He also emphasized the importance of learning and not limiting oneself, since this is ultimately what allows you to fill any job position.