What we do

Our team at Berkoa S. Coop. is specialized in turnkey projects. From the initial contact with the customer to the machine start-up in their facilities.

  • Knowledge of the client’s needs.
  • Study and presentation of possible solutions.
  • Economic assessment of the project and deadline estimate for completion.
  • Machine design.
  • Manufacturing and purchase of the necessary material.
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly.
  • Start-up.
  • Testing and presentation of results to the client.
  • Reception at Berkoa S. Coop..
  • Shipping of machine.
  • Setting up of machine at client’s facilities.
  • Start-up, testing and reception at client’s facilities.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Technical support service

This process is done in close collaboration with the client, who is most familiarized with their product and its know-how.

New machine tool

Wide range of special machines, turnkey projects, custom solutions for each client.

Rectificadora voumard v120 disponible

Second-hand machine tools

Sale of second-hand machines with immediate delivery or refitted as per the client’s request.

Machine retrofitting

Improvement of the machine productivity and the product quality.

Gráfico de la soldadora de fricción rotativa

Industry 4.0

On the way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Technical support service

Support, repair, preventive maintenance, maintenance contracts.

Cursos teórico-prácticos de Soldadura por Fricción Rotativa impartidos por Berkoa

Friction welding courses

Theoretical and practical courses on friction spin welding by highly-experienced professionals.