BFW-40/2000 Rotary Friction Welder

  • Rotary Friction Welder
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  • Unión de pieza realizada con SoldAvanza, máquina de soldadura avanzada
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BFW-40/2000 Rotary Friction Welder

Rotary friction welder machine.

  • Pushing force in forging, 40 Tn.
  • 2.000 rpm.
  • Clamping of the rotating part by means of a clamping plate. Possibility of other types of clamping.
  • Clamping of static piece by means of hydraulic self-centering jaw. Variety of jaw types; in “V”, spherical sockets, etc.
  • Flash or burr turning on machine.
  • Powerful: Registered controller © BLSC 4.0.
  • Traceability; storage of characteristic data of each part:
    • Pressures.
    • R.P.M.
    • Times.
    • Torque.
    • Process curves.


Video de la máquina SoldAvanza de Berkoa

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