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Multi-process machine for education.

  • Educational multi-process machine that integrates milling, turning and drilling operations.
  • Conventional mode, conversational mode and CNC programming.
  • Machining of different types of plastic and metallic materials.
  • Online machine to obtain and analyze data for educational purposes – INDUSTRY 4.0.
  • Development of a new training method in machining based on a unique equipment.
  • Better adaptation of the machine in the industrial machining environment.
  • More efficient training environment to develop active collaborative learning methods based on challenges.
  • Less space necessary in the workshop.
  • Chance to use the machine as a training tool for assembly and start-up in the
    mechatronics field.
  • X, Y, Z linear actuators: Ball spindle with direct drive.
  • Milling head: Milling with ø63 mm thin plates / Drilling with ø20 mm bits / M12 threading.
  • Turning head: ø80 mm x 300 mm turning.
  • Tailstock: Machine taper 3 and ø45 mm pipe.
  • Cooling: 20 l/min. water pump – 3 bar.
  • Shaving outlet: Ramp towards the back part and a box.
  • Zero Point: Chance for integration to mill and turn without releasing the part.
  • Installed total power: 28,5 kW.


  • Workbench: 384 x 192 mm2
    X course: 400 mm
    Y course: 270 mm
    Z course: 370 mm
  • Max. speed in X, Y, Z: 6 m./min.
  • Head power: 5,5 / 7,5 kW
  • Machine taper: ISO 40
  • Speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Automatic securing
  • Milling head lock torque: 342 Nm / 6 bar


  • X course: 370 mm
  • Z course: 400 mm
  • Max. speed in X, Z: 6 m./min.
  • Head power: 5,5 / 7,5 kW
  • Speed: 3,000 rpm


Numerical control set for educational multi-function (MULTI-TOUCH) machine.

15″ TFT color model: Compact machine comprised by central unit, operating panel (Jog panel) and QWERTY alpha-numeric keypad with built-in mouse.

Operation modes:

  • Conventional milling machine to work with axes X, Y, Z and head. Movement of axes
    via Jog keys from CNC panel or wheel.
  • CNC milling machine to work with axes X, Y, Z, A and head S, axis A being the division plate.
  • ISO and conversational programming.
  • Conventional lathe to work with axes X, Z and head. Movement of axes
    via Jog keys from CNC panel or wheel.
  • CNC lathe to work with axes X, Z and head S. ISO and conversational programming.
  • Multi-process machine or combined lathe-milling cutter machine.


  • RAM memory: 2 GB
  • Hard drive memory: 4 GB; 2,7 GB free for user. Optional: 8 GB and 32 GB.
  • Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-T.
  • 3 USB ports.
  • Remote assistance via TeamViewer.
  • Available languages: Basque, Spanish, English (up to 12 languages).
  • Time of block processing: 0.25 ms.
  • Parametrizable look-ahead from 300 to 2,400 blocks.
  • Internal nanometric resolution for CNC calculation (1 nm).


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Ikasmak 5.1