Kondia VP-16L machining center

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Kondia VP-16L machining center

Kondia machining center.

  • Adjustments of the carriages by replacing the guiding systems (guides and recirculation slides).
  • Replacement of the ball screws and their bearings.
  • Replacement of the spindle bearings.
  • Cleaning and overhaul of the spindle cooling equipment.
  • Overhaul of greasing systems and replacement of dispensers and hoses.
  • Repair of closing systems (telescopic guards, bellows, etc.).
  • General conditioning of the machine.
  • Geometric overhaul and adjustments for compliance with the verification sheet.
  • General painting of the machine.
  • Handling and transport of the machine.
  • Leveling and final geometric check at the customer’s premises.
  • Start-up.

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Kondia VP-16L