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Retrofitting Max Müller-Gildemeister, MDW 20×1500 CNC lathe.


  • Equipment used to machining sensitive parts in aeronautics.
  • Replacement SIEMENS CNC to SINUMERIC 840D Solution Line.
  • Replacement all the necessary electronic due to the CNC modification.
  • Verification of all engines and certification of their compliance status.
  • Verification and replacement of seals of all the cylinders.
  • Replacement of all the sealing gaskets of the machine.
  • Adjustment of all slides.
  • Verification, update, and certification of the hydraulic group by its manufacturer.
  • Verification and necessary replacement of the chip conveyor.
  • Cleaning and verification of seals for watertight tanks.
  • Verification of the tool’s probe.
  • Addition of a new probe to control the part to be machined, with its software.
  • Increase of the diameter of turning in 100 mm of diameter.
  • Revamping and painting of the machine with the corporative colours of the customer.
  • Machine’s geometrics verification datasheet.
  • BALLBAR´s test to check the correct interpolation of CNC axes X and Z.
  • Certification of the correct real machining of the machine, checking the resulting part in 3D.
  • CE Compliance and Certificate.

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