Voumard V150-1L Grinding Machine

  • voumard-v150-1l

Voumard V150-1L Grinding Machine

Production Machine for Inner Grinding of Cams. 

  • Machine with FANUC CNC.
  • Fanuc Regulator and Servo unit.
  • Retooling to machine cams in pump shafts.
  • Automatic part-grip by means of membrane plate and fasteners.
  • Two GMN High Frequency Spindles (60,000 rpm).
  • Stone Regeneration by Means of Roller.
  • MARPOSS Post-Process Measuring System.
  • Automatic Feeding/Discharge through Double-Axis Gantry CNC.
  • Automatic Conveyor Belt with Pallets for Part Feeding and Outlet.
  • Fire Safety Equipment Included.

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Voumard V150-1L