Six years of “Innovation, commitment and excitement”

Equipo de Berkoa Machine Tools

It seems unbelievable but 6 years have already passed since that February 5, 2016. Nine colleagues with a lot of enthusiasm started with illusion the project, our project, Berkoa Machine Tools.

In these six years very important people have retired and we have managed to incorporate new generations with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm with which we started, thus expanding the workforce and creating a dynamic, modern team, with the experience of the past but the desire to innovate of the future.

Thanks to the involvement of each one of us, we form the human team that Berkoa Machine Tools needs. This has allowed us to evolve in our services by creating special multi-process machine tools that meet our motto “You name it, we make it! Thus, we have created customized machines that meet the needs of each customer always looking to improve their production processes and product quality.

This eagerness to innovate, together with the commitment and excitement of our team, are the keys to the creation of projects such as SoldAvanza, Ikasmak, Controlado 4.0, Multitek, etc.
And finally, we will not forget the important internationalization that we are achieving, having already consolidated projects in Romania, France, Great Britain, India, United States, and fighting to close other projects in China, Brazil, Turkey, etc.

All this would not be possible without the confidence of both customers and suppliers and partners.

Thank you very much to all of you for making us keep that initial illusion.