The first training day for vocational training centres that have received Ikasmak multiprocessing machines concludes in Berkoa

The tender awarded by the Department of Education of the Basque Government consisted of the manufacture of 13 Ikasmak 5.1. multiprocessing machines for vocational training centers.

After the delivery and commissioning of the 13 machines manufactured by the Berkoa Machine Tools team, the first training day has taken place. Part of the teaching staff of educational centers, CIFP Bidasoa, CIFP Miguel Altuna, CIFP Aretxabaleta and CIFP Iurreta, where they already have the Ikasmak 5.1 multipurpose machine that will allow them to teach students the different processes in the same machine: turning, milling, drilling, tapping, etc., came to our facilities.

The day began with an explanation by the Berkoa team on the design and manufacture of the Ikasmak 5.1, knowledge of the machine, its parts, composition, accessories, followed by an explanation of its operation. Subsequently, the Fagor staff was able to show the digitization options available. To conclude the day, the Berkoa team together with Innovae staff, showed one of the most striking peculiarities for users, virtual reality glasses that accompany the Ikasmak 5.1. These glasses allowed teachers to move to a workshop and virtually see the machine, as well as perform some of the learning tutorials available, allowing to show the virtual reality that will be available in classrooms with our Ikasmak 5.1.