8 years fulfilling our motto: You name it, we make it

Equipo Humano de Berkoa celebrando 8 años

On this eighth anniversary of Berkoa Machine Tools, we want to recognize and celebrate the heart of our company that has allowed us to grow and fulfil 100% of our motto. And that heart is none other than the people.

Laskurain, Lariz, Arrio, Juankar, Bixuete, Roberto, Joxean, Maiztegi, Andoni, Marijo, Iñigo, Josetxo, Eneko, Suan, Olatz, Ioritz, Uraitz, Txapartegi and Bikandi. These names represent the essence of Berkoa, personifying the principles of Innovation, Dedication and Enthusiasm that are fundamental to us.

Each of these names forms an essential part of Berkoa, and we would like to acknowledge and thank them for their dedication and effort. Although some of them are enjoying a well-deserved retirement and others are taking up the baton, they have all made invaluable contributions to both the founding of Berkoa and its continued development.

At Berkoa Machine Tools, we firmly believe that the passion and commitment of our team is the key to driving our company forward. On this eighth anniversary, we express our most sincere thanks to each member of the team, without ever forgetting the trust placed in us by our customers.

We will continue to offer customized solutions in machine tool manufacturing, maintaining our commitment to continue to grow together and face new challenges with the same enthusiasm and dedication that has brought us to this point.