Berkoa Machine Tools celebrates its 4th anniversary as a machine tool manufacturer

Instalaciones de Berkoa

Berkoa was born on 5 February 2016 with the aim of filling the vacant space after the closure of a company in which all its partners worked. From that 5 February to date we have evolved not only in terms of the number of workers but also by expanding the services we offer to our clients.

Among the services we initially offered were the design and manufacture of machine tools, technical assistance services, maintenance and retrofitting of machine tools with improvements in efficiency and automation. At the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution we incorporated two new services: the BSC (Berkoa System Control) controller that allows the control, analysis and storage of the machine processes and the theoretical and practical courses of this Friction Stir Welding technology.

This 4th anniversary establishes the starting point of a new stage in which new projects will be tackled, such as the reality of the Ikasmak project in collaboration with the IMH for the integration of multi-process machines in the training sector that allows the acceleration of learning processes and integration in an intelligent workshop environment.

Also, we are in the process of designing a project related to Rotary Friction Welding, a technology in which we are strongly committed and of which we have already manufactured several machines for both the national and European markets.

Proud of the road we have travelled, we hope to continue to have the confidence of our customers to continue growing together without losing sight of our values that are the driving force behind Berkoa Machine Tools; innovation in our machine tool products, dedication to achieving total customer satisfaction and enthusiasm for projects well done.