Berkoa opens a new line of business with its advanced welding machine, SoldAvanza.

Since last year, Berkoa, S.Coop. has had a Rotary Friction Welding Machine at its facilities for subcontracting, manufacturing, prototypes, trials and tests, called SoldAvanza and inaugurated by the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu. The Advanced Welding machine has been manufactured by the Berkoa team and its technological partner Lortek, a specialist in all types of joining technologies.

Among the most important features, the BLSC 4.0 Registered Controller ©, designed together with Lortek, which allows traceability and storage of the characteristic parameters. It also enables multi-process capabilities and multi-material manufacturing: forging and automotive steel, F114 and HSS for tooling, aluminium and copper for power lines, among others.

This resource allows customers to experiment with new joining solutions and validate their designs before moving to full-scale production, providing companies with access to advanced and exclusive technology without the need for significant initial investment.