Bixuete, disfratau a tope!

We are not yet 7 years old, and already our 5th partner in crime has retired. In February 2016, we ventured into the creation of a new company, knowing that some of our fundamental pillars would not be with us for long in terms of work. However, we also knew that their experience was crucial to pass on their knowledge to the new generations that joined Berkoa from the very beginning. When I say knowledge, I mean everything: way of being at work, dealing with colleagues, dealing with customers, fighting spirit, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and so many other things.

Now, it is our colleague Jesús Iturria, “Bixuete”, who is retiring. We know that we are going to miss his virtues and his quirks, just as we miss Luis, Arrio, Lariz and Juankar. But it is a pleasure to see them when they visit us in Berkoa, when they come to see us at the fairs and the envy they give us when they periodically get together for lunch. They deserve it, what the hell!!!!!

Bixuete, enjoy yourselves to the max!!!!